Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Queer Religion

You've almost got to feel sorry for the religions currently struggling to get exempted from homosexual equality laws. I mean they're stuck with this God-awful book of rules, written a particularly long time ago, most of which the majority of us would now regard as twaddle.
I mean there's good enough stuff in there I suppose, 'thou shall not kill' etc etc, stating the obvious... but it's the rules they didn't quite think through back then that kind of jar nowadays, isn't it? The whole gay thing being a glaring example.

So you have the rather unhappy vision of men in religious uniforms on tv, desperately trying to fudge around the fact that they're supposed to be jolly good sorts all around, but they just happen to belong to this organisation that doesn't tolerate gays. Hmmm.

We cannot exempt them, surely? They're a dangerous minority now, trying to exert their will on the majority using the same sort of tricks as astrologers.

The irony too, I suspect, someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but they probably work in organisations which contain higher than average numbers of homosexuals. Which is fine. Just ironic.

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