Thursday, March 1, 2012

Peter Gabriel - New Blood

You might have read my review of Peter's previous album, if not find it here.
This is much the same, but this time he's orchestra'd up his own work, not someone else's.

I think the album Scratch My Back was a triumph. I was a little worried about this new effort. But then I saw Peter perform extracts on Jools and I was won around.

As usual with Gabriel's work, repeated playing just makes the thing get better and better. There's a quality here that is rare these days.

I guess in an ideal world I would prefer the guy to come up with something new, but this album is not a bad substitute as he significantly reworks some of his best tunes, transforming them into a whole new level.

Aside from the lengthy atmospheric introduction to Solsbury Hill, which gets old pretty quickly, the whole album is spot on. How someone unfamiliar with his oeuvre would take to this is hard for me to say. But it just oozes quality from start to finish.

Very highly recommended, 10/10, you could buy it here.

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